Whitening your teeth during Invisalign treatment – Before and After

January 26, 2022

Invisalign clear aligners are designed to make it simple and comfortable to correctly align teeth. Invisalign wearers may be looking into teeth whitening options that are compatible with their aligners. Brightening your teeth, while realigning them, is the most efficient way of achieving a perfect smile. And here at Seaside Dentistry, a Jupiter dental practice, we can’t wait to guide you to an even more beautiful smile.

Check out our cosmetic dentistry patient before and after six months of Invisalign and whitening treatments.

Before and AfterBefore and After

“Our patients have achieved amazing results with our prescription strength whitening options, both in the office and for at-home use. For patients that are aligning their teeth with Invisalign, they’re already wearing custom fitted trays daily – it makes whitening that much easier for them!” Said Dr. Ashley Pare, a cosmetic dentist in Jupiter, Florida.

This patient took home the opalescence whitening syringes and whitened her teeth using her Invisalign trays. If you are interested in straightening and whitening your teeth and perfecting your smile, please do not hesitate to have a consultation with Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida. Using our iTero® scanner, we are able to take a digital impression of your mouth and show you what your bite and smile can look like in a matter of minutes!

A visit to Seaside Dentistry and a personalized consultation with Dr. Ashley Pare about the physical state of your teeth can help you decide whether or not tooth whitening should be done while wearing aligners.

There are many factors to consider when wanting to whiten your teeth, such as hygiene and cleanliness of your teeth, your diet, and even some genetic components. All these contribute to the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. Dr. Ashley Pare of Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida believes in a proactive and collaborative approach to your dental health. Through discovery, she will develop a plan alongside you to deliver teeth whitening results.

Here’s how it works. We offer Opalescence teeth whitening syringes that can be used throughout the duration of your Invisalign treatment. The whitening gel is a low-intensity whitening product that can be used in your Invisalign aligner. You place a small drop of the gel into every compartment of the aligner, and seat the aligner around your teeth, wiping away any excess in your mouth or on your gum tissue. Leave the whitening gel on your teeth for 60 minutes, then rinse the aligner and your mouth with lukewarm water afterwards.

Just like our patient above, taking the first step to a healthier, more beautiful smile means knowing you’re always a candidate for straighter teeth with a specialist. Discover your treatment options at Seaside Dentistry. Book your consultation today or visit here to conduct a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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