What the Itero Element Scanner is Bringing to Digital Dentistry

February 22, 2023

“Incorporating the best technology into our dental practice is a core principle of Seaside Dentistry. Dental technology is more than a tool–it is a partner in our approach to dental and teeth care. At Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida, we are lucky to have the iTero Element scanner. It allows us to take a step further into the fascinating and innovative world of digital dentistry,” said Dr. Ashley Pare.

So, what is digital dentistry? And how will our iTero Element scanner help us to better serve our patients? Read on to find out more.

What is Digital Dentistry?
In recent years, methods of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry have been able to advance thanks to incredible developments in technology. Digital dentistry is a term used to describe advancements that incorporate digital or computer controlled components into treatments.

The iTero Element Scanner
The iTero Element Scanner has a number of innovative features allowing us at Seaside Dentistry, serving Palm Beach County, to push the boundaries of modern dentistry. It features a main screen and advanced wand to help us work as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
The scanner is engineered to be compatible with a number of treatments, including Invisalign and implants. It features built-in controls, with integrated gyro technology that lets us rotate models on the screen.

We’re also able to use the scanner for planning implants, crowns and veneers. The software automatically detects the scan’s start and stop each time it moves to a new scanning position. The images are then projected in color on the screen. Which makes it easier to distinguish between gingival and tooth structures, creating more precise work for dentists.

How does this make dentistry at Seaside with Dr. Pare even better?
The technology improves visibility and allows Dr. Ashley Pare, the dentist, to plan the treatment for the patient, seeing how their smile could eventually look. Patients will also be involved in this process, so they can see exactly what improvements are being made to their teeth. “It is all a part of what we call ‘collaborative care’ at Seaside Dentistry,” said Dr. Pare.

Our investment in this technology means we’re able to offer our patients the highest level of care from Jupiter, Florida to West Palm Beach, Florida–to Stuart and SoSo, Florida. For more information about how this could impact your future dental work, contact us! If you’re interested in booking a consultation for one of the many services we offer, follow this link:

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