Upgrading your dental care experience with iTero

March 15, 2022

Seaside Dentistry of Jupiter provides patients with the latest in dental care technology to improve our level of comprehensive care and the patient experience. It’s all part of how we deliver collaborative care, created for you.
Dentist showing iTero scan

One of Dr. Pare’s favorite technology tools is the iTero digital scanner. The iTero digital scanner is an in-office dental technology that allows us to better understand our patient’s individual needs by giving us an efficient and detailed view of the mouth. Let us explain a bit more:

iTero Overview
The Itero device is an intraoral scanner that captures pictures of a patient’s mouth creating 3D images nearly in an instant. This is important for orthodontics, fitting for a night guard, and diagnosing bite issues. It has a small noninvasive wand that is easy for Dr. Pare to scan the entire mouth and is comfortable for the patient. The results are presented on a high definition screen in real-time.

Skip the Impressions
Most people have likely had a dental impression made to create restorations or cosmetic dentistry, such as dental crowns or to plan other treatment options. The impression process is fairly accurate, but also time-consuming. Impressions must be sent to an off-site lab, then require a follow-up visit for the results to be read. iTero is even integrated with Invisalign. With a quick in-office scan using iTero dental technology, Seaside Dentistry can calculate exactly what size and shape of Invisalign products or other cosmetic dentistry treatments you’ll need to achieve that perfect straight smile.

Instant Results
iTero dental scanners give results almost instantly while you are still in the chair. This means quicker visits to the office. Precision scans mean more accurate restorations that fit properly. As mentioned, Seaside Dentistry’s iTero machine is integrated with Invisalign Technology. Patients get a realistic rendering of what their smile looks like now compared with what they will look like after a full course of Invisalign.

Precise Treatment
If you’re in need of a crown, bridge, implant, or even a retainer, a precise fit is essential. Over time, the tiniest error can develop into decay, leading to early replacement or further problems. The iTero scanner delivers an impressively accurate and detailed model of your teeth and gums. When accuracy matters, iTero is the clear winner. The iTero scanner not only provides Dr. Pare’s patients with a more pleasant experience overall, but it gives them the confidence to know that their treatment will be effective.

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Seaside Dentistry, Jupiter practices at the forefront of evolving dental advancements, utilizing cutting-edge technology to allow us to diagnose and treat patients in an efficient and collaborative manner. We are strongly committed to enhancing your dental education and treatment. Could iTero help you as a part of your dental care plan? Schedule a visit today to experience Dr. Pare’s comprehensive and collaborative approach to oral health.

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