Smile Gallery

Smile gallery

Seeing is believing. Below you’ll find before-and-after pictures of teeth transformed into brighter, healthier, more confident smiles. Through connection and collaborative care, Dr. Ashley Pare of Seaside Dentistry accomplishes these beautiful results, all while maintaining a natural look.

This patient did not like the spaces she had surrounding her front teeth. We did our cosmetic dentistry consultation and determined a plan for Invisalign treatment. Within eight months, our patient was thrilled with the results of her beaming smile.

This patient had braces as a child and even after a frenectomy and retainers, his space kept coming back. In addition he was chipping his teeth on a regular basis and required redo-ing anterior bondings. We decided, together, a more “permanent” and highly esthetic choice was the plan, and Seaside Dentistry placed four ceramic veneers on his top front teeth. The result was very natural and the patient was quite happy!

This patient had numerous composite resin bondings that were leaking with recurrent decay. In addition to the clinical concern, the patient was unhappy with the esthetics. A plan was decided upon, following a cosmetic dentistry consultation, and all ceramic crowns were used to restore her to optimal form and function!

This patient was not happy with her smile and the “bulldog” appearance (as she called it) of her right front teeth. We determined Invisalign treatment was the right approach, along with the collaborative approach of the patient taking the lead of whitening her teeth at home using prescription strength Opalescence, available at Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter. Within six months, the patient and Dr. Ashely Pare achieved an incredible transformation, correcting the anterior crossbite while simultaneously brightening the patient’s smile!

This patient had old metal and porcelain restorations she wanted to update with all ceramic (no metal) options. There were open margins with decay starting around some of the older crowns and she had chipped some of the porcelain. She was thrilled with the more even proportions and natural translucency of the new porcelain from Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter.

This patient had decay that was causing discomfort, along with gingivitis. Due to this, the gum tissue was irritated by the decay and the patient could not adequately brush and floss with the pain from the decay. Seaside Dentistry restored form and function and improved esthetics!

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