Invisalign with Palm Beach Lately

December 9, 2021

Beth and Danielle, of Palm Beach Lately, recently visited us here, at Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, to get started with Invisalign. Both ladies have thought about getting Invisalign for years, but recently made it a priority for themselves.

Invisalign with Palm Beach Lately

The Invisalign process is easy. It begins with an initial consultation with a wand camera that takes pictures of your teeth. Then, Dr. Pare gets a digital impression of your mouth to see what your future bite and smile would look like in a matter of minutes. Then you come in for a follow up appointment for the small white attachments and receive your trays.

Invisalign trays

If you’re interested in Invisalign or making your smile even better, consider our Virtual Smile consultation. Take a few minutes to upload your smile and Dr. Pare will analyze and send you back a video of her thoughts on how to make your smile even better. Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter Florida focuses on cosmetic dentistry, too.

Dr. Pare and the entire staff were happy to have both Beth and Danielle in the office, they brought such great energy and enthusiasm.

Check out the full experience here.Thank you Palm Beach Lately for partnering with us!

Photography: Shea Christine

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