Hybrid dentures (implant-supported)

June 4, 2022

Dr. Ashley Pare of Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, FL takes pride in customizing quality dentures. Because, not all dentures are created equal. Let’s begin by learning the difference between a conventional denture and an implant-supported denture (known as and over denture or a hybrid denture).

When all of the teeth are missing on the upper or lower jaw, a denture is used. A full denture is held in the mouth by resting over the gums and forming a seal with the gums. The denture is usually made of acrylic and has teeth and gum tissue. Wearers remove their denture for cleaning and while sleeping.

Typically these types of dentures slip while eating, but we do have an amazing alternative. Patients can wear a highly stable, bar-retained hybrid denture fixed on dental implants.

“This type of denture does not cover the soft palate of the mouth so eating is more enjoyable. Biting strength is restored so you can eat all of your favorite foods. The denture never slips because it is firmly attached to the implants,” said Dr. Pare.

Hybrid dentures are called “All-on-4” because edentulous patients (patients without teeth) can usually have an upper or lower overdenture fixed on as few as four (sometimes five or six are needed) dental implants.

Benefits of Hybrid Dentures:
1. Hybrid dentures preserve your jawbone quality and bone density.
2. Gum tissue irritation is eliminated.
3. They feel and function more like natural teeth.
4. The strength of your bite will be increased.
5. No need to use messy adhesives to secure your denture in place.
6. Better able to enjoy your food.
7. Clean your hybrid denture like natural teeth.
8. Last longer than removable dentures
9. Care

Hybrid dentures cannot be removed by the wearer and are worn 24 hours a day. You will brush and can use a water-flosser, much like you would natural teeth. When you visit Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida for your regular three month appointments, we will remove the denture for cleaning and examine your gum and bone tissue. If you have difficulty cleaning your denture, we recommend a more frequent visit until you become proficient at maintaining healthy gum tissue.

Check out this zirconia hybrid denture (before insertion):
zirconia hybrid denture

Your Are Important to Us!

Dr. Pare insists on the latest, highest quality dental materials. Your hybrid denture will have the appearance of a natural dentition that is aesthetically beautiful. Many patients tell us their fixed denture has given them more confidence. The collaborative, routine maintenance care you receive in our office will ensure your hybrid denture lasts.

With today’s digital 3-D technology all of this is done comfortably. Call Dr. Pare of Seaside Dentistry for your complimentary hybrid denture consultation today.

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