5 Incredible Cosmetic Dentistry Transformations

November 19, 2022

Seeing is believing. And we believe in beautiful results.

Below you’ll find before-and-after pictures of teeth transformed into brighter, healthier, more confident smiles. Through connection and collaborative care, Dr. Ashley Pare of Seaside Dentistry accomplishes these stunning results through cosmetic dentistry, all while maintaining a natural look.

The following dental patient cases are especially important to us at Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida. These are our “top” cases in each of our cosmetic dentistry featured in our Smile Gallery. Our services include:Invisalign, whitening, veneers, dentures and crowns. Each is unique, and each has something in common–understanding our patient needs and expectations, and exceeding them.

This patient was not happy with her smile and the “bulldog” appearance (as she called it) of her right front teeth. We determined Invisalign treatment was the right approach, along with the patient taking the lead of whitening her teeth at home using prescription strength Opalescence, available at Seaside Dentistry in Jupiter. Within six months, the patient and Dr. Ashley Pare achieved an incredible transformation, correcting the anterior crossbite while simultaneously brightening the patient’s smile!
Invisalign before after
This patient received 10 feldspathic porcelain veneers with minimally prepared teeth at Seaside Dentistry! Dr. Ashley Pare removed old composite bondings, lengthening her teeth and widening her smile. Two veneers were added to both an existing implant crown and a retained baby tooth.
Veneers before after
Hybrid Denture on Implants (temporary hybrid following surgery)
This patient has what we refer to as ‘terminal dentition’, meaning only a few hopeless teeth in an arch remaining. Function was severely compromised for this patient and we, at Seaside Dentistry, were able to restore her smile with six implants on her top jaw and a screwed in
Dentures before after
This patient had GLO in office whitening to achieve a shade that was many shades lighter than where we started!
Whitening before after
This patient suffered from severe wear due to erosion and grinding of her teeth. Seaside Dentistry restored this patient’s bite and smile by placing porcelain crowns on her upper arch. Not only was the form and function restored, but you can see the “reverse smile” that was present is gone and the new crowns have filled out the sides of her smile for a very youthful appearance!
Crowns before after

We want you to have the smile of your dreams! Contact our office today in Jupiter, Florida to discuss your smile concerns and cosmetic dentistry goals.

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